The Importance Of Roof Inspections Following Severe Storms

Storm damage can substantially reduce the life expectancy of any roofing system. Even little storms can jeopardize roofing systems. Strong winds can rip away roofing shingles and go undiscovered by the house owner. Roofing system storm damage can be easily missed out on by an untrained eye.

Here are some essential reasons for getting a roofing system evaluation from a trusted roofing system installation contractor following a storm, even if the roofing system isn’t dripping.

Identify Issues Before They Get Bigger

You need to have your roof checked at least when a year and after a significant weather event. Even if you don’t see noticeable damage on your roof or there aren’t leaks, you need to still contact your roofer.

Filing Insurance Claims

Lots of home owners and building owners might not be aware, however there is a time limitation for submitting roof damage claims that result from storms. For this reason alone it is more essential for home owners to schedule roofing system inspections right away following a serious storm.

Free Estimates and Repairs

Most roof companies supply totally free inspections and estimates. Experts have years of experience in detecting leakages and roof problems, which are easy for property owners to mistakenly miss. They have the appropriate tools to find damaged areas and the right equipment to repair them while working safely.

For your safety and wellbeing, the inexperienced homeowner need to not climb onto the roof to inspect, specifically after a storm. They should leave the inspection and repair jobs to professionals with experience. There could be areas of the roof that were weakened by the storm and an untrained eye may not recognize the areas to avoid stepping on. Also, proper gear is needed when climbing on roof tops. In fact in many areas local city code requires roofers to wear harnesses and proper safety equipment to avoid a fall. Local inspectors could fine you or your workers if found violating local safety codes. Check with your local building inspectors to find out what the laws and ordinances are pertaining to your area and roof work safety.

The benefits to getting a roof inspection are many and out weigh any reasons to the contrary. It is never wrong to be proactive to prevent damage. Its smart, and it saves money in the long run.

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What Is The Best Way To Vacuum Stairs?

Vacuuming the stairs is an important part of housekeeping if you are living in a multi-level house. Basically, stairs are often used many times each day by different people wearing all sorts of shoes.

Therefore it is vital to get rid of all grit and dirt from your stairs before it destroys the surface of you stair. It is ideal that you use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning your stairs since its fast and convenient.

However, be aware that vacuuming is hazardous and therefore you must be very careful when using a vacuum cleaner to clean your stairs. This write up will provide you with tips that you should put into consideration when vacuuming your stairs.

Cleaning the Stairs with a Canister Vacuum

Following are the tips on how to vacuum the stair with a canister vacuum cleaner.

Tip#1: Locating an Electric Outlet:-
First and foremost, locate an electric outlet in your house that is near the stairwell, preferably one that is located somewhere in the top. It is acceptable to use any appropriate extension cord in case your vacuums cord will not reach the electrical outlet. However, ensure that the extension cord you use is a heavy- duty one and the outlet is properly grounded.

Tip#2: Attaching the Nozzle:-
Attach the nozzle to the vacuums canister hose. Generally, the attachment should be straight and should have an angled tip so that it can get into all corners and crevices of your stairs easily. There are special vacuums that usually come with special attachments for cleaning the stairs. Therefore, if you can afford such vacuum cleaners, theyll ease the cleaning process.

Tip#3: Starting at the Top Stair:-
Start the cleaning process from the top of your stairs and properly clean the edges and corners. Wedge the nozzle carefully into all corners and then drag from back edge of the corners to the front side of your stairs. Then, begin in the corners and clean from one corner to the other against the Back edges of the stairs.

Tip#4: Working Down the Stairs:-
Steadily work your way from top to down side of the stairs till you reach the bottom. Once in the bottom, remove the nozzle and then replace it with the regular beater- brush attachment. Vacuum your way up your stairs, running the wide attachments across the length and width of each staircase. Then turn the attachments so that its outward and carefully vacuum the horizontal panel between every stair. Slowly continue with the process till youre back at the stairs top.

Vacuuming your Stairs Using an Upright Vacuum

Tip#1: Plugging in the Upright Vacuum Cleaner:-
Carry the vacuum cleaner to the top of your stairs and plug in. Basically, if your vacuum cleaner has got an adjustable setting, it is ideal you change it by adjusting to the carpet pile.

Tip#2: Attaching the Hose Attachment:-
Attach carefully the cleaners hose attachment and carefully put its base on the third staircase from the top. As you vacuum your stairs, youll continue placing the upright vacuum cleaner on the stair that is directly under the one youre cleaning. This will help in keeping both you and your vacuum cleaner more easily balanced.

Tip#3: Using the Hose Attachment:-
Use the cleaners hose attachment as well as the nozzle to vacuum your stairs the same way youd have done with the canister vacuum cleaner. If a hose attachment is not in your vacuum cleaner, then youll require using its base to clean your stairs.

Tip#4: Placing the Cleaners Base:-
Place the base of your vacuum cleaner on the corner of your stairs with its base facing away form you while youre standing on the staircase beyond the one youre attending to. Drag carefully the cleaners base directly toward where youre standing, form the back of the stair to the front. Repeat this process once again and youre done with your stairs.
What Type of Vacuum Cleaner is Best for Cleaning Stairs?

Here is a list of vacuum cleaner you can use to clean the stairs:
– Canister vacuum
– Upright vacuum
– Handheld vacuum
– Stick vacuum

These vacuum cleaners are cheap and will definitely give you the results you desire.
Last, but not least, if you think you cannot tackle the cleaning process by yourself, its important that you hire a reliable vacuum cleaning firm in your area to help you in the cleaning process. Thank you.